Infinity E30 Lite

Hisense Infinity E30 Lite



24 months

R175 PM
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20GB Free data (for 30 days)

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Deal Code: 20150718

Deal Expires: 30/10/2020

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FreeMe 800MB (Top Up)

Telkom FreeMe 800MB gives you 500MB All-network Data plus 150MB of WhatsApp Data plus 150MB of Streaming Data. You also get 515 total minutes made up of 500 On-net minutes and 15 Off-net minutes as well as a total of 50 SMS

Infinity E30 Lite

The Hisense E30 Lite is an excellent choice for a mobile phone. It comes with a 13MP Main camera and a 5MP Selfie camera. The screen size: 6 inches