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Use the Phonefinder Phone Directory to find cell phone contract deals for your favorite mobile phone. We list deals on almost every smart phone. Your result will include options from Telkom, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C.

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1S (1)1T 7 3G (1)3T 8 4G Tablet (1)All Alcatel


All Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) (242)iPhone 11 Pro (64GB) (20)iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB) (12)iPhone 12 (128GB) (1)iPhone 12 (64GB) (236)iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) (278)iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) (21)iPhone 12 Pro (512GB) (50)iPhone 12 Pro Max (128GB) (35)iPhone 13 (128GB) (75)iPhone 13 Mini (128GB) (94)iPhone 13 Pro (256GB) (33)iPhone 13 Pro Max (128GB) (33)iPhone 7 (32GB) (51)iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) (24)iPhone SE (16GB) (12)iPhone SE (32GB) (14)iPhone SE (64GB) (314)


All CAT S30 (12)S31 (51)S42 (50)S52 (47)S61 (11)S62 Pro (88)


All Hisense C30 (13)C30 Lite (13)F10 (14)F22 (14)H12 (15)H12 Lite (21)H220M (233)Infinity E30 (11)Infinity E30 Lite (60)Infinity E30 SE (21)Infinity H30 (26)Infinity H30 Lite (28)Infinity H40 (51)Infinity H40 Lite (2)Infinity H40 Rock (52)Infinity H50 (51)Infinity H50 Lite (59)Infinity H50 ZOOM (53)U962 (14)


4G Router 2 Pro (6)All Huawei CPE Pro2 (9)Cannes (Nova) (18)E5330 (2)Mate 20 Lite (13)Mate 40 Pro (34)MediaPad T5 (31)Nova 8 (49)Nova 8i (52)Nova Y60 (57)P Smart (175)P Smart S (58)P40 (145)P40 Lite (173)P40 Lite 5G (162)P40 Pro (126)P40 Pro Plus 5G (28)P50 (40)P50 Lite (36)P50 Pro 5G (28)Wi-Fi Router (B535-932) (1)Wi-Fi Router (B612) (5)Wi-Fi Router (B618) (2)Wi-Fi Router (E5576) (184)Wi-Fi Router (E6878) (6)Wi-Fi Router (MF283+) (4)Wi-Fi Router (R219H LTE) (2)Y3 (14)Y3 Lite (14)Y3II (14)Y5 Lite (70)Y5 Prime (18)Y5p (1)Y7 (40)Y7p (174)Y9s (54)nova 5T (25)


All Lenovo E7 Tablet (1)


1 (Frontier) (22)3 (14)5 (13)5.4 (64GB) (56)6 (12)7 Plus (12)All Nokia C2 (2)LUMIA 530 (14)Nokia Daredevil (52)


A16s (54)A53s (56)A74 (51)All Oppo Reno 5 (47)Yogurt A15 (112)

SIM Only

(No Device) (81)All SIM Only


All Samsung Galaxy A01 (1)Galaxy A02 (60)Galaxy A02s (59)Galaxy A03s (59)Galaxy A10 (56)Galaxy A10s (59)Galaxy A12 (73)Galaxy A2 Core (63)Galaxy A20 (55)Galaxy A21s (59)Galaxy A22 (LTE) (129)Galaxy A3 (13)Galaxy A3 Core (2)Galaxy A30 (54)Galaxy A30s (54)Galaxy A32 (167)Galaxy A32 5G (91)Galaxy A5 (12)Galaxy A50 (52)Galaxy A52 (111)Galaxy A52 5G (103)Galaxy A52s 5G (99)Galaxy A6 Plus (12)Galaxy A7 (11)Galaxy A7 Lite (60)Galaxy A70 (51)Galaxy A71 (93)Galaxy A72 (102)Galaxy A80 (49)Galaxy A9 (11)Galaxy Note 10 Plus (37)Galaxy Note 20 (10)Galaxy Note 20 LTE (84)Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (13)Galaxy S10 (128GB) (66)Galaxy S10 Plus (61)Galaxy S10e (78)Galaxy S20 FE (106)Galaxy S21 5G (256GB) (118)Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (256GB) (61)Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (512GB) (13)Galaxy S21+ 5G (256GB) (99)Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (7)Galaxy Tab A 8 (20)Galaxy Tab A7 (38)Galaxy Tab S5e (9)Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4 (44)Galaxy Tab S7 (23)Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G (25)Galaxy X Cover 4 (13)Galaxy Z Flip (36)Galaxy Z Flip 3 (54)Galaxy Z2 (14)Galaxy Z4 (2)


5G WiFi router MC801A (8)All ZTE Axon 7 Mini (12)Blade L5 (14)Blade V7 Lite (14)F@stLink MF730M (1)MF283V (8)MF927U (217)Wi-Fi Router (MF283U) (28)Wi-Fi Router (MF286R) (49)