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Benefits Of Internet Fibre Broadband 

Whether you’re all in for the latest iPhone or the Samsung S10, you know you can’t dominate Instagram or your favourite mobile phone game without a strong internet connection to keep you going. If you’ve been contemplating upgrading your home’s internet connection, you can’t go wrong with fibre broadband. Most major internet service providers offer some fibre packages, which most users would regard as faster and more reliable than your average data bundle. Since Phonefinder is all about finding you the best data deals, and now the best fibre deals, Phil’s bringing you the rundown on what fibre optic internet is and why it delivers the best internet experience to date.
What Is Fibre Broadband?
Fibre optic cables use glass fibres to transmit data using pulses of light. Light travels through these cables much like electricity does through copper cables, but these have the added advantage of being able to carry multiple signals at once. This allows fibre optic cables to carry huge amounts of data much faster.

Fibre-to-home-broadband connections, or FTTH broadband connections, refer to fibre optic cable connections for individual residences. These optics-based systems can deliver a variety of digital information (telephone, video, data, etc.) more efficiently than traditional copper coaxial cables.
The Specs: Why Choose Internet Fibre?
Fibre cables are less affected by environmental factors like excessive rain or extreme heat, which would normally have an impact on copper. These cables are also unaffected by electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, crosstalk, and impedance problems. This means that, no matter where you live and work, you are connected.

Fibre optic cables can support high speed bandwidth and capacity. You can further increase your bandwidth with a simple configuration change. Since fibre optic signal is made of light, fibre doesn’t have the same distance limitations as copper. And because very little signal loss takes place during transmission, data is able to move at much faster speeds and reach across greater distances.

There is little to no threat of fibre optic cables being stolen, despite fibre optic cables being lightweight, thinner and more durable than copper cable. They are also impossible to tap into or physically hack, since they don’t radiate signals. So, you can count on your data remaining secure as well as your cable infrastructure.

This type of internet connection saves you money in the long run and saves your sanity to boot as you won’t have to deal with multiple technologies and multiple vendors.
How Much Data Do I Get With Fibre?
Fibre service providers will usually offer capped or uncapped fibre packages. A capped service means your provider will offer you a limited amount of data each month. Once that data has reached its limit, or “cap”, you will have no more data until the following month, unless you buy a “top up”. So, not too different from the data included in your mobile phone contract.

Given this similarity, it’s likely you may be more interested in an uncapped fibre package deal. An uncapped service, as the name implies, provides you with an unlimited supply of data. However, when going uncapped, it’s good to be aware of the fair usage policy attached to this type of fibre contract. 

Reliable fibre service providers should be able to provide you with transparency into your data usage, typically through an online portal. That way, you can see how much data you’ve used and pull up reports as needed. If this is not an option, your fibre service provider ought to send you monthly data usage reports, so that you can make sure you’re not getting a bad deal.

Final Word From Phil

With the cost of fibre falling every day, you really have no excuse not to get connected. And – what a coincidence! – Phonefinder has just launched its own fibre comparison service. We help you to compare the offerings of different internet fibre service providers, making sure you get the jump on the best fibre deals. Get connected today and enjoy a seamless internet experience.