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Home LTE Wi-Fi Solutions

By now you have long forgotten the frustrations of a dial up modem. The piercing sound of the modem establishing a connection, the painfully slow loading times, and the alarming bills at the end of the month! However, you may still be on a broadband connection, and if so, you may not know it but your connection is just as slow and costly compared to your current available options.

“What are the options?” you may be asking; they are Fibre to the Home and a Home LTE Wi-Fi solution.

Fibre to the Home (also known as fibre or FTTH) is the most sensible solution. It is your fastest, cheapest, and most stable internet solution you can currently get. Fibre literally harnesses light to deliver internet into your home! What is more is fibre internet is very easily scalable to your needs, from 10Mbps to 1Tbps uncapped speeds, the options are all in your hands.

You can use Phonefinder to compare your best Fibre Internet deals from ISPS from Supersonic to Mweb and Web Africa, just click here to see if your area is fibre ready and compare all deals in seconds.  

However not every home is fibre ready. 

Do not despair because that is when Home LTE Wi-Fi Solutions come to play.

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution, but it means incredibly fast internet! LTE accesses cell phone towers to deliver 4G speeds into your home. Since LTE relies on cell phone towers your subscription will be with a Network such as MTN, Vocacom, Telkom or Cell C (as apposed to an ISP like Mweb or Afrihost).

Benefits of LTE 
1) Plug and play solution. Easy to setup with no need for installers.
2) 100% wireless! No fibre cables, no copper cables.
3) Portable. Take your modem from home on holiday or to the office.
4) Incredibly fast! Up to 69Mbps download and up to 25Mbps upload speeds.
5) Affordable. Check out these amazing deals

Phonefinder recommends an LTE solution as your most ideal internet solution (outside of Fibre) because an LTE router offers a plug and play solution where FTTH does not. You can literally plug your modem into the wall and connect to the internet (at incredible speeds) within minutes.

Your LTE router will be able to connect with up to 32 devices and depending on your coverage you will easily achieve up to 69Mbps download and up to 25Mbps upload speeds!

You can find Phonefinder’s top Home Wi-Fi LTE solutions here