Cellphone Upgrades

Cell C

Upgrading through Phonefinder means you will receive FREEBIES along with a hassle-free upgrade. You must be a Cell C customer with a contract due for an upgrade to qualify.

Upgrade with us

& receive a 1-Month Free GetDriven subscription!




Get Driven offers you an unlimited drive-me-home service and road cab service for only R139 a month. There are no extra trip charges or hidden costs for trips below 50km, just great service and exceptional value.



Getting to your destination has never been easier. Book online, via our contact centre or with our innovative mobile app. We’ll conveniently and safely drive you and your car home, or to a destination of your choice.

Ladies Driving Ladies

Ladies Driving Ladies

If you are a woman travelling alone, you can request a female Driver to ensure added comfort and sense of security. Female Drivers are subject to availability, so make sure you put in your request ahead of time. This is available in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.



Why Upgrade through Phonefinder?

Phonefinder’s dedicated call centre operatives will ensure that you receive speedy and professional service.

Our service is 
• Free of charge with free delivery
• 100% online (no physical queues)
• Speedy (no telephonic queues)

By simply upgrading through Phonefinder you will receive a 1-month free GetDriven subscription!

How do I Upgrade?

As long as you are an existing Cell C customer, you can apply. 

Simply complete the form on this page and within minutes our call centre agent will inform you if you qualify for an upgrade.

If you are eligible for a cell phone contract upgrade, then our sales assistant will listen to your needs and suggest options which match your requirements.

It really is that easy.

Will I Still be on Cell C?

Yes. Nothing changes. 

Your cell phone number, billing details and Network will not change. 

You are simply using Phonefinder to inform Cell C that you are ready to upgrade, and by doing so are receiving the Phonefinder standard of service, and a 1-month’s free GetDriven Subscription.