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Play an intricate role in informing Phonefinder visitors about your offers. Help them find the deal they need, not just the deal they want!

Phonefinder developed South Africa’s first cellular contract comparison engine in 2013. Today, more than 150,000 people use the service every month to find, compare and apply for a mobile packages which suit their needs and budgets. 
With the growing popularity of the service it became evident that consumers value being able to compare complicated options in one place and as simply as possible. 

For this reason, Phonefinder is frequently launching more products for our community to compare and purchase.
Our objective is to assist consumers in finding the best deal that’s most suited to their needs, desires and budget. 

To do this we have created a content rich platform where advertisers play an intricate role in informing our visitors about their offers. By doing so our visitors stay empowered, informed and highly engaged.
Network Service Providers and other partners have benefited from Phonefinder by being able to effectively target and engage consumers at the time that they are in the market to find a cellular deal. 
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Value To Customers
Efficiently and easily compare the various Network deals & products available to find a deal that’s ideally suited to their needs.
Increase their knowledge about the Networks and OEM’s products on offer.
Choice is meaningful, and no other platform gives consumers an opportunity to compare all devices, Networks, cost, and added value.
Value To Media Partners
Engage on a platform with a high volume of a highly relevant audience
Influence an information-seeking shopper
Compete head to head with their competitors in a shopping environment
Include your brand amongst the 100,000 mobile applications that are generated every month. Leads are delivered to various sales call centres via API where they are scored, dialled and sold
On-Site Banner Impressions 
to influence purchasing behaviour by putting your brand and product listings in front – up to 1,5m impressions available.
Promoted Deal Listings 
Our Promoted Listings place your products at the top of relevant search results – up to 240,000 monthly on-site queries.
Offer Pages 
Allows our partners the ability to create multiple lead-gen pages which are dedicated to showcase new product launches, focus on unique price plans or promote Black Friday specials and giveaways. 
Published articles 
Phonefinder’s blog offers a strong SEO opportunity. Publications are distributed through the monthly newsletter. 
Telkom will be included in Phonefinder’s monthly newsletter & weekly promo mailers.
SMS Communication
SMS ad slots lets you promote your offering on every application confirmation SMS – Up to 100,000 monthly slots available.