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Play an intricate role in informing Phonefinder visitors about your offers. Help them find the deal they need, not just the deal they want!

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We assist consumers in finding the deal they need, not just the deal they want. Our visitors are educated, determined and eager for relevant information. Advertisers get to play an intricate role in informing our visitors about their offerings. 


25-34 (44%)   |   35-44 (20%)   |   18-24 (18%)   |   45-54 (18%)   |   55-65+ (2%)


Male (57%)   |   Female (43%)


Gauteng (47%)   |   Western Cape (22%)   |   KwaZulu-Natal (21%)   |   Eastern Cape (5%)   |   Other (5%)

Credit Score Estimate:

Very Good (36%)   |   Good (35%)   |   Poor (19%)   |   Excellent (6%)

Income Estimate:

R5 000-R9 999 pm (35%)   |   R10 000–R20 000 pm (33%)   |   R21 000–Above pm (25%)   |   R2 000–R4 999pm (7%)

Average Prices Selected:

R149 – R248 (55%)   |   R249 – R298 (32%)   |   R299 – R348 (10%)   |   Above R350 (3%)
Phonefinder has a team of digital and development experts to ensure that every campaign runs smoothly. Behind the hood is a customisable and fully integrated lead management system.


150,000 unique visits   |   3.4 minutes per visit   |   240,000 search queries

On-Site Banner Impressions:

1.5 million impressions   |   2% average CTR

Lead Generation:

100,000 applications   |   40% Sales Rate   |   Live and Instant API   |   Integrated LMS

Opt-In Customer Base:

1,5 Million Opt-In Subscribers   |   Email Open Rate (17%)   |   SMS Delivery Rate (85%)
Network Service Providers, mobile device OEM and other partners have benefited from Phonefinder by being able to effectively communicate with a highly engaged and relevant audience.

Leads Generated:

Ideal for Network Service providers, MVNOs, launch of a new OEM and other related service providers. Phonefinder’s LMS can integrate into any system.
+100,000 leads generated a month   |   40% sales rate

Banner Impressions:

Showcase your brand to a highly relevant audience and positively influence their decisions.
1.5 million impressions   |   +5% CTR

Mailer: Newsletters

Engage with a curated opt-in subscription base. Participate with an article or in-newsletter banner.
1.5 million subscribers   |   +17% open rate

Mailer: Sponsorship

Engage with a curated opt-in subscription base. Sponsor the deal-of-the-week.
Launch a new deal   |   Educate a mass audience

Promoted Listing:

Ensure that your phone or network offering makes it to the top of every search query result.
Top of every search result   |   240,000 searches a month

Offer Pages:

Create a custom page for your service or product. Excellent for product knowledge, launching a new device and SEO link building.
Build a dedicated page   |   Excellent SEO benefits

Publish Articles:

Promoted content gets a feature in our newsletters, plus with the bonus of off-site clicks to boost your SEO rankings.
Feature in the newsletter   |   2 million mails a month

SMS Updates:

Promote your offering on the Phonefinder SMS notification. We request that brands offer our applicants value which enhances the sales journey.
Advertise on customer update SMSs   |   100 Characters

SME Solutions:

Help South Africans choose the communications product that is right for their business.
Ask about our business products

Fibre to the Home:

Phonefinder is proud to announce the offering of FTTH search. 
Phonefinder is connected to the top 11 ISPs via live APIs. 
Interact with the Phonefinder audience to promote your offering. 
Live API map   |   Promoted listings   |   Banner advertising

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