SIM Only Solutions

Bring your own device & save!

Got a phone and just need connection? Then a SIM only solution is for you! Get all the talk and data value without having to pay for a new smart phone. Apply today with Phonefinder for free delivery.


What is a SIM only Contract?

A SIM only contract is just that, it’s a mobile contract that comes with only a SIM card - and all the value that your Network Service Provider can add! Since there is no cell phone connected to the contract the application process is far easier and far more lenient, not to mention far cheaper (great for customers in need of a credit friendly solution).

Bring Your Own Device

If your current phone is in perfectly good shape, or even if it is hanging on by the last shard of glass; so long as you are happy with it then there is no need to apply for a new phone contract. Just bring your own device and save!

SIM only deals are designed to make it affordable to boost the value of your current phone.

How To Apply

Complete the form on this page for a sales agent to connect you with the latest offerings.

Or see Phonefinder’s SIM only deals here > SEE DEALS

Who should apply for a SIM only deal?

Anyone! If you already have a perfectly good mobile phone, then why spend unnecessarily? Rather repurpose your phone by adding on amazing data and voice value that comes with a SIM only deal.  

Declined for a Smart Phone contract deal? Well, clients in need of a Credit Friendly solution will find that the Networks approve them for a SIM only deal. Get all the value you were looing for with a SIM only solution.

Keep those important to you connected! Be it your domestic worker, children, parents or grandparents. If you have a smart phone at home and you need to get someone important to you connected for cheap, then a SIM only deal is your best solution.


Credit Friendly Solution

Credit Friendly Solution

Far more lenient approval process. All the value, none of the fuss.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Apply online with Phonefinder and get free SIM delivery.

SIM Only Savings

SIM Only Savings

Significantly cheaper than phone contracts. All the value, for cheaper.