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Phonefinder developed South Africa’s first cellular contract comparison engine in 2013. Today, more than 150,000 people use the service every month to find, compare and apply for a mobile package which best suit their needs and budgets.

Simply put; we list every mobile deal on all Networks in South Africa and give you the power to find the deal that best suits your budget and lifestyle.
This enables all South Africans to find the most suitable mobile voice and/or data, or fibre deal on one platform.  

Phonefinder has also worked with a number of highly reputable financial and insurance service providers (FinServ) through the years and due to the popularity and in many cases the necessity of their products, we decided to open up offerings from these partners to anyone that uses Phonefinder.

Why Use Phonefinder

It is simple to use. Through our partners who fulfil your deal request, you get a highly skilled team to fulfil your request, free delivery, and free SIM activation.

Phonefinder lists every mobile deal in South Africa just to make your life easier - and our service is free! 

We are on your side and will chase up on your order without you having to even ask - from application to credit check, from sales call to delivery. We want you to get connected!

We also strive to constantly secure the best partners to connect you with to get you a relevant Financial Services Product to suit your needs, lifestyle and of course, your budget. 

What We Offer

Smart Phone Package Deals
LTE Data Deals
SIM Only Deals
Fibre to the Home
Business Solutions

How It Works

1) Explore Deals
There are over 1,000 deals at any one time listed on Phonefinder (LTE, SIM-only, Smart phone packages, Fibre-to-the-Home). 
Use the Phonefinder Search Bar (or Popular Search options) to easily find your deal.
2) Apply Online
Once you have found your deal simply click APPLY. 
We will send your application to appropriate Network Service Provider.
3) Credit Check
Before the Network Service Provider calls you, they need to perform a quick and free credit check. The Networks require this check for the purpose of approving you for a deal. 
Credit Check Pass
Upon passing the Network’s scorecard you will be contacted by a sales agent.
Be sure to have the following information handy: your banking details, copy of your SA ID card and proof of address.
Credit Check Decline
If you do not pass the Network scorecard, Phonefinder will be in touch with more options.

We are affiliated with a multitude of other partners and at least one of them must have a solution that suits your needs. 
Our aim is to get you connected!
Relevant FinServ offerings
As part of the Phonefinder value offering we will bring you quotes from our Finance and Insurance partners (FinServ) and periodically keep you informed of competitive quotes!

Got a Question?

Go to our FAQ's page where we are sure your questions have already been answered, or ask us on our Facebook page or email us at [email protected]