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It might be time to upgrade your cell phone contract

Cell phone contract deals change all the time, it is how the South African Networks stay competitive and stay with the times. 

There was a time when minutes and SMS bundles were what made a contract important, but today a smartphone is nothing without data! MTN, Telkom, Vodacom and Cell C know this, which is why their tariff plans constantly change in both price and in the services they offer. That is why your cell phone contract comes with less SMSs and minutes and more data so that your WhatsApp’s, business, music, and gaming needs are taken care of.

Since price plans change with the times It therefore stands to reason that a new cell phone contract comes with the best cell phone deals at the time, and that to ensure your contract offers you the best value to meet your lifestyle you should upgrade rather than remain on a dated month-month price plan.

So, if you are on contract, and have approached 22 months, then it is about time for an upgrade!

Phonefinder offers upgrade services for Vodacom, MTN and Telkom. You will keep your same number and by upgrading through Phonefinder you are eligible for a gift (on us!).

How to upgrade

If your contract is over 21 months, then click on the Network whom you subscribe to and complete the upgrades contact form. Our call centre sales agent will call you to handle the rest.

MTN Upgrades 
Telkom Upgrades